The Initial Connection

Let's meet in person - or talk over the phone - and see if it feels like a good fit. Talk about what is going on in life, what you might want help with. No cost or strings attached for this initial 15 minute consultation, click here to schedule. This link will take you to our secure booking platform, click on the link that says "I'm a new Client" and you will be prompted to select an appointment.

The First Session, What to Expect

Many families wonder what to expect in the first therapy session - after all, there is so much to share and so much history with each family!


Before this first session, we will send you some forms to fill out, they will arrive in your email from Simple Practice (email address: These forms will help us get to know you and your situation before we sit down for our first session. The forms will also highlight important privacy information, explain costs and what our therapeutic relationship entails, and we will talk through these details in person during that first session as well.

We will then have time in session to dive into what you would like to talk about - and start setting goals to work on.



Current Clients

For our current clients, to book or change your appointments, or send us a secure message through our secure portal, click here. If you are not yet a client and have questions, we would love to hear from you - please reach through our contact page.