This Is A Big Step

Welcome! We know you are here for an important reason. You are at a place where you are thinking about change, doing something different in life, seeking growth in your family, learning new skills or addressing some serious needs in your life. We hope to be a helper along that journey – to listen to the challenges at hand and help connect you to the newness and health you are seeking.


The journey of seeking help isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can feel scary, daunting and even overwhelming to share: “Where do I start?”, “Is there hope for our situation?”, “How do I tell all this history?”, “Am I alone in this struggle?” Many people look up ideas on the Web or search Google for solutions before they reach out to a Counselor for help. We understand that it is important to find the right helper to walk alongside you in this journey you are on.


How We Can Be Helpful


You Aren’t Alone

You aren’t alone – we are here to help you along this journey. We won’t be surprised by the challenges you are facing. We will sit with you as you share what is on your heart. And we promise to listen – and to approach you and your situation – with empathy, respect and warmth. Our hope to offer reflection, thoughtfulness and a space that feels comfortable to share the deep concerns weighing on your soul.


Maybe it is a job loss or career change, or the deep grief of losing a loved family member. Perhaps it is the heartache and challenges that come with the ending of a relationships, the confusion of divorce, the hope of new friendships, the changes within a family structure. For some families it is seeking help for the tough times that come with the ‘tween’ and teen years, and some of the resulting behaviors, anxiety, depression and/or experimentation that can occur. Some of our families want to talk through parenting strategies, what works, what doesn’t, new methods to try, and support for the million decisions and emotions that come with raising a family.


Whatever is on your heart, or whatever change your family is seeking, we invite you to step into a place for reflection, thought, challenge and opportunity.


We invite you to let go of that fear, to take the risk to be open, to step into faith that you – and your family – are worth it. You have already embarked on a journey of change by even considering seeking outside help! There is courage in you! Our hope is to shine a bright spotlight on the areas of life that are working, strengths you possess, the well of courage and endurance that lies deep in you.


Let’s Connect First

We would love for you to come in for a half hour meeting – just to talk, hear about the needs and hopes you have and see if our services feel like a good fit. No obligations. No cost. No strings attached. Just a time to hear what’s happening in your life and see if we can be a helper on your journey. Similarly, we could also arrange a time to initially talk over the phone if that is more convenient for your schedule. Click here to schedule that initial meeting or first session.


Experience in the Mental Health Field


Counseling Experience

We have two licensed Marriage and Family Therapists working out of our office. And we are acquainted with many other Counselors and Mental Health agencies in the area to offer you other resource options.


John Anderson, MA LMFT: For over ten years, John has worked in the mental health field with children, teens, couples and families across the Twin Cities area. His areas of specialization include helping those who have experienced trauma – particularly youth who have gone through extremely difficult experiences. He is a certified TF-CBT trauma specialist and has worked with many through their healing process. He has also worked extensively with those on the Autism spectrum, from the age of 5 up to the early adult years. He is a professional member of Autism Society of Minnesota (AUSM) and is passionate about helping those youth and families achieve their greatest potential. 


John is a nationally Approved AAMFT Supervisor and Board approved Supervisor through the BMFT and BBHT. He brings years of experience working with families through the State of Minnesota CTSS, ARMHS, ITFC and Rule 47 programs, as well as supervising many practitioners conducting that work out in the community. He has worked closely alongside teachers and SPED staff in many schools across the Metro area, and helped a few districts to develop and implement a trauma-informed perspective within their schools.


David Creek, MA LMFT: David has years of serving families and couples as a pastor in the West Metro. He is popular public speaker at youth events, retreats and church events across the Midwest. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist he has worked extensively with teens, families and couples – addressing a wide range of issues and needs. He is trained in Prepare and Enrich and is passionate about helping new couples succeed in their journey of life together.


Take a look at our about page to see some of the other issues we can help address with your family.


Prepare and Enrich

There is a reason Prepare and Enrich has become the global standard for premarital counseling, coaching and education. They claim to help reduce the risk of divorce by 30% and their material has been utilized by over 4 million couples in 50,000+ communities and churches world wide.


We are happy to help facilitate this process with couples of all ages and walks of life as they prepare to enter into a new commitment together. Please reach out for more details. 


Board Approved Supervisor

Whether you are on the LMFT or LPCC track, we offer supervision that is relevant, collaborative and strengths based. We have individual, dyad and group times available. John is an approved supervisor with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). He is also a Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy (BMFT) approved supervisor and a Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health (BBHT) approved supervisor. John has helped guide and supervise dozens of mental health practitioners through their licensure process. Additionally, he has supervised Masters level students from graduate programs across Minnesota as they have pursued their practicum requirements. Take a closer look at John’s perspective on supervision or connect with us to see if our supervision is right for you.


Telehealth Sessions

We offer Telehealth sessions that are simple, stress free and secure.

  • A simple click on a link to start, there are no logins, no passwords, no hassle.
  • We can have a session from anywhere, on any device.
  • Automatic reminders about upcoming appointments.
  • Optimized frame-rate adjustments for the smoothest experience.*
    *Of course, connectivity depends largely on your internet provider.